Monday, 27 October 2014

2 APPLES NOTEd down by SAMSUNG...!!

Apple v/s Samsung battle could be one of the longest in the tech history, but currently it’s still oven fresh. Both these technology giants launched their respective flagships sometime back and are now warming up to the biggest showdown of 2014.

With the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, Apple hit the headlines by getting its own piece of share in the already flooded XL and XXL screen size market. This market is currently dominated by driods. All of a sudden people have started calling the iPhone 6 plus “The Big Apple”, not to be confused with the nick name of New York City. So what does iPhone 6 and 6 plus bring on the table. Well, nothing new, although its Slo mo video capture at 240 frames per second has been appreciated by many, one would have thought that Apple would bring in optical image stabilization to both the iPhones. It is really disappointing that this feature is limited just to its elder sibling, the iPhone 6 plus, although both the iPhones command a premium space. The screens are large and that’s where the new iPhone could be a game changer.

Samsung in the meanwhile launched its latest flagship, Note 4. The phone, or the phablet we must say that started it all. The Godfather of large screens, the note 4 brings a host of features and an excellent camera with optical image stabilization on board. However what really stands out is an outstanding SUPER AMOLED QHD display with the resolution of an eye popping 2560 x 1440 pixels, which will make most of its direct rivals break in to sweat. The icons on the screen look like someone just pasted them on the screen.

So which one should you buy is the million dollar question, especially after Apple got some serious real estate on its latest flagship. The answer is very simple. Go check it out for yourself. Although on specs Note 4 seems to have an upper hand, but then the Apple fanboys club is the one to beat.


  1. Well written.... yet again Gary.. I personally don't like both. . Lol. But anything over I phones.. so be it Samsung. . Great insight to both which completely makes sense.. way to go... ��

  2. Thanks for the review Gurry.. I think I will go gor note 4 purely because if its 2k resolution. Its gonna be a killer.